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"Our society powerfully undermines those who seek to explore states of consciousness that are nurturing to spirit. So I would say we’ve become a species with amnesia. Were lulled by global archonic culture into forgetfulness about our true nature and purpose here which ultimately is a spiritual purpose. Far from awake and aware, the controlling powers of our society want us asleep and oblivious."

— From Graham Hancock’s Ted talk The War On Consciousness

Detail of Cy Twombly’s Untitled (Say Goodbye Catallus to the Shores of Asia Minor) 1994.
I’ve been with this work maybe 6 or 7 times now while my fiancé was studying for her MA at Rice University, Houston.  I even asked for her hand in marriage in  front of it!  To be with it, to experience it in person, is like being in the presence of another sentient being;  as if it feels you as much as you feel it.
This is scrawled on the lower right side of the photo:
and yet there on
the other shore
under the dark gaze
sun in your eyes
you were there
the other side
the other dawn
the other birth
yet there you were
in the vast