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Radiating Expansion, Paul-Emile Bourduas, 1956, oil on canvas, 115.7 x 89cm. (Estate of Paul-Emile Bourdas/SODRAC/Montreal Museum of Fine Arts)
"I can appreciate silence, not as an absence of sounds, but as an environment that teems with them. In the space between that ‘inner’ sense and the ‘outer world’ is the arena where the artist in me searches for ‘the real’… in the inherent indeterminacy and receivingness of matter, there is meaning in what is, however broken and fragmentary, particularised by attention and love."

— From the essay The Cochlear Switch by Josephine Dickenson. Josephine is a poet and musician who has been deaf since childhood.  Her work has appeared in the New Yorker, The Independent on Sunday, and The Poetry Review.  Her books include Silence Fell (2007), and Night Journey (2008).