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"Get past the need to make intellectual sense out of a creative impulse."

The Art of Cosmogramma, Leigh McCloskey and Flying Lotus

Alex Grey
"When the things of the heart just can’t understand what the mind doesn’t question, and doesn’t have the strength to follow. How many dreams I already destroyed and let slip out of my hands. And if the future this permits I won’t live in vain. My love, we aren’t alone. There is a world waiting for us from the infinite blue sky; there can be life on mars. So come here give me your tongue, so come I want to hold you. Your power comes from the sun, my measure. So come let’s live life. So come, or else I’m going to lose who I am I’m going to want to change for a life on mars."

— The english translation of his version…light.   Seu Jorge - Life on Mars

"To will a new form is inacceptable, because will builds distortion. Desire, too, is incomplete and arbitrary. These strategies, however intimate they might become, must especially be removed to clear the way for something else—a condition somewhat unclear, but which in retrospect becomes a very precise act. This “thing” is recognized only as it comes into existence. It resists analysis—and probably this is as it should be. Possibly the moral is that art cannot and should not be made."

Faith, Hope, and Impossibility by Philip Guston

Raoul de Keyser, Hide, 2007

Ricardo Bofill
"…when I was working for Richard (Serra), I was writing music at the same time. I was working, and I was touring. One day I said, “Richard
I can’t draw at all; not a cat, not even a tree.” He said, “I can teach you to draw. I said, “really, how would you do that?” He said, “well, I’ll teach you to see, and then you would know how to draw.” I said aha!
It was like a revelation, and I thought immediately: painting is about seeing, dancing is about moving, poetry is about speaking, music is about listening."

From The Creative Pulse: A Conversation with Philip Glass

nacho alegre

Marsel van Oosten
how you like them apples